Philos Handcrafted Flower Partition – Black (SM108-BLK)

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Elegant Flower design

Crafted From Solid Wood in Dark Midnight Color

3 Panels

Lightweight for portability

Allows for an Easy way to add Decoration to any Room


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PHILOS Copenhagen – Your Choice of modern contemporary furniture

Here at PHILOS we carefully choose the fine natural woods that go into our furnishings. Our skilled craftsmen use time-honored traditions in woodworking and the finest materials available so that our customers will enjoy our furniture for many years. This Philos Handcrafted Flower Partition (Black) design helps to bring out the elegance of one’s house by using the small and big flower.

Dia 136.5cm x H 170cm

Detailed Flower designs give it a desirable feminine touch that is lacking in most room dividers
Same finish on both sides
Free Standing
Extremely attractive Handcrafted Partition in any space that has Plenty of Character

6 Months Warranty

Dimensions 136.5 × 170 cm