Philos Ring Round Mirror – Large (MR1602-D80)

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Light Walnut Finish

Oak Veneer/Rubberwood

Ring Round Mirror in Light Walnut Finish

Boosts the lighting and visually expands in a space


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PHILOS Copenhagen – Your Choice of modern contemporary furniture

Here at PHILOS we carefully choose the fine natural woods that go into our furnishings. Our skilled craftsmen use time-honored traditions in woodworking and the finest materials available so that our customers will enjoy our furniture for many years. This Philos Ring Round Mirror is rather simple with a border that is made out of wood that add another flavor into one’s house.

 Dia 80cm x 2.1cm

Perfect hanging above your console for an elegant focal point
Burnished with Light Walnut Finish Frame
High Quality Mirror Glass
Great as a large format statement piece in a room

6 Months Warranty

Dimensions 80 × 2.1 cm