SID DICKENS – Hidden Garden

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Hidden Garden

L 15 cm x H 20 cm

Tile No. 

2010 – Spring : Porcellana



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The journey through the seasons culminates as spring offers the excitement of new beginnings and the revelation of life as it awakens from hibernation. As the felicity of nature’s abundance is imparted upon us, we are reminded of the countless interpretations and expressions of nature’s grace that have come before us.

The Sid Dickens Spring 2010 Collection offers ten new tiles that fuse the inspiration of new beginnings with the wonder provoked by beauty’s past. Drawing upon pinks and blues and the delicate essence of porcelain, Dickens imbues iconic images of spring with a timeless elegance.

This collection will awaken memories that are kept in each of us and empower us to formulate and share the stores that define our lives.

Dimensions 15 × 20 cm
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