Have you wondered why sofa prices can vary so much from a price range of $200 to even $10,000? It is not just about who sells them. Anyone can shout… Direct from manufacturer, no middle man, operates online only for the best prices.

We shouldn’t bother too much about it. It is all marketing.

You need to know irregardless of the vendor/shop the sofa itself does already tell you how much it is worth on its own.



Most of the fabrics used on general mass market upholstered furniture are polyester based. Especially imported standard coloured sofas, occasionally you would also find linen based, which are slightly better.


Fabrics on its on its a whole new world itself, there is a plethora of options. That is why Zest Livings love fabrics.

1. Martindale / Rub Count
2. Content of Fabric

3. Fire Retardancy

4. Any other special properties


  • FOAM

For contract uses, we usually use a density of 40kg/m3. And having said that, it is very firm. These are typically used in high traffic upholstery seating areas, such as restaurants, public areas and airports.



This is the most fundamental selecting a sofa. Many would want something light so that it is easy to manuvoure the sofa.

We could easily associate the weight by the type of wood they use. Would they be using softwood or hardwood? How about the internal construction of the framework? Are they made with extensive use of corner blocks and supporting wood structures?


Thickness of Foam

The thicker the foam the more costly it is to the manufacturer. Simple as it gets, one can easily build a frame much larger and use lesser foam.

A simple test would be try pressing the upholstered sofa just like choosing a fruit (which the fruit stalls hate us for doing it). A gentle press on its arms and sides do you feel the wood frame immediately or do you feel that its thick an nicely padded.


Support System



Having discussed what it takes to make a sofa, here at Zest Livings we price our sofas based on the quality given. Being an artesian of upholstered furniture with decades of experience. We understand not everyone requires a sofa that would last for centuries and it does comes with a price.