Looking for something elegant and luxurious? Look no further.

Zest Livings now carries a range of marble products ranging from Dining Tables to Side Tables as well as Consoles.

Marble is seen traditionally as a symbol of elegance and class, with a beauty that will last for generations if well taken care of. The material itself allows for light to pass through it’s topmost layers before refracting, giving it a appearance of “life” compared to other stones. Due to it’s inherent nature, Marble is almost totally natural, with little processing needed. It also has extreme durability, being able to withstand shattering and exudes a sense timelessness. A piece of marble will stay cool even when exposed to direct sunlight and is mostly resistant to heat.

Our Bianca Arabescato pieces showcase purity with its white colouring with light and delicate veins, and our Nero Marquina pieces exude grandeur with it’s deep coloring and shiny reflects. No matter which designs you choose, be sure that our marble would add an instant touch of splendour and luxury to your living space.

View our marble characteristics chart here, as well as our care for marble guide here to find out how to maintain your pieces and make them last.

And now, you are equipped with the know-hows prior to purchasing your marble piece. Enjoy!